Friday, March 23, 2012

My Pledge to YOU

Some people probably wonder why I started this site and why I bring up the things I do. Well, it's because of conversations like this one (scroll down to the comments section) on the Doubtful News Blog (no pun intended, apparently). For those of you disinterested in the link, the long and short of it is that after respectfully voicing a dissenting opinion, I was belittled, placed on moderation, and my credibility was attacked. Again, simply because I had the nerve to disagree. Which brings me to a promise I'd like to make to you, my readers...

1. I will never attack or attempt to belittle someone for simply having the courage to voice his or her own opinion. Unless you say something horribly inappropriate, go off-topic or attempt to make things personal, you'll never be censored (placed on moderation). It's called Freedom of Speech, and it's a right I embrace for everyone, not just myself.

2. I will continue to post links to/credit the sources of every single article and quote I reference. That way it's easier for you to find those sources and form your own opinions.

3. I will NEVER seek outside sponsors or donations. Nor will I monetize the site. Poor as I may be, I'm not looking to make money here, especially if it could in any way compromise the integrity of the forum.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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