Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Politicians Behaving Badly

I decided to do a quick roundup of politicians who have recently been caught behaving badly. As you read this list, please ask yourself if these are the people who should be deciding the fate of our country...
  • Michigan State Representative Bob Genetski (R) was arrested for impaired driving on January 20th. When he failed a field sobriety test, he too refused a breath test.
  • Georgia State Rep Kip Smith (R), author of a bill that would require welfare and unemployment benefit recipients to submit to drug testing, was also charged with DUI after running a red light in January. During his arrest, Smith changed his story several times, failed a field sobriety test, and objected to taking a breathalyzer until being told that to do so would result in an automatic arrest. (Apparently January was a rough month for politicians.)

Make your opinion matter. Vote.

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